4 Myths About Casino Gambling

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4 casino myths

Casino gambling is a fun and exciting hobby, which can result in profit for a lucky few. This undoubtedly means that there are a great many misconceptions about how casinos operate. The gambling world is full of myths and superstitions! In this post we will take a look at 4 of the most common myths surrounding casino gambling and debunk them with some facts.

#1 Casino wins are down to luck

All casino games have calculable probabilities. Learning exactly what they are and how they affect your chances of winning any particular casino game will allow you to minimise your loss by reducing the house edge. There are also many techniques that can help you to build a winning pot gradually, without taking big gambles with your stack. Any strategy that a player chooses to adopt should be based on solidly understanding the odds and the house edge of whichever casino game they have decided to play.

#2 Card-Counting in a casino is Illegal

Blackjack is a game that has a very specific basic strategy and learning that strategy will reduce the house edge and potentially help you to curb your losses. Counting cards means that a player has the capacity to remember and keep count of the number of different high and low cards that have already been dealt. It is not an easy skill to accomplish, however when card counting is used effectively it can increase the player’s edge over the house. Casinos do not like players that count cards. Most casinos will refuse to take your bets if they believe that you can count cards, if you are caught counting cards it can also get you banned from a casino, but it is not illegal.

#3 Casinos pump oxygen into the air to keep you awake

Aside from the fact that “gassing” your patrons to keep them alert and therefore spending money within your establishment could potentially cause massive legal issues, it would cost far too much money to constantly pump oxygen through the expansive floors of a casino. That’s not to say that there are not many other methods that casinos use to psychologically keep people gambling.

#4 A particular slot machine is due to pay-out

Slot machines use random number generators to decide when they should pay-out. Slot machines also have a payout percentage assigned to each of them which is typically somewhere between 80%-98% of the money that has been gambled. It is possible to put lots of money into a slot machine and not win a thing, just as it is possible that you could gain two huge wins with just two spins. Each spin of a slot machine is completely random and independent of the last.

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