Basic Slot Machine Strategies to Maximise Profit

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Slot machines are a game of chance, which means that they can’t really be beaten in the long term. Slot machines are designed to provide a profit to their owners, so the winning payouts are typically a percentage of what has been paid into the machine.

There are strategies that have been adapted to help players optimise their winnings. Although these strategies won’t help you to win big every time you play a slot machine, they will help you lower the risks which should help to make your gambling experience a more positive one.

Understand the Payout Rate

By law, slot machines must be capable of paying out a jackpot on every spin. Slot machine manufacturers then set a payout rate to determine the amount that can be won from the machine. It is claimed that slot machines will pay back anything up to 95% of what has been deposited and in the US slot machines must pay out no less than 75% by law, however there is no law for this in the UK and some slot machines are programmed to payout as little as 70%. That’s a 70p payout for every £1 deposited.

Lots of slot machine players falsely believe that this means that they will probably only lose anywhere between 5p-30p per £1 gambled, but this isn’t true. The payout rate is determined over a longer period of time than a typical players session. Meaning you could put £20 in the same machine twice, win nothing in one sitting and hit the jackpot twice in another.

When choosing which slot machine to play, you should always go for the one with the highest payout rate, although these will usually be larger denomination slot machines. If your budget is low, then go for the highest paying low denomination machine, as even though the odds may be worse, you could potentially lose large amounts of money in the higher machines.

Know Your Limits

When approaching any form of gambling, there are always two limits that you should set yourself before you approach the casino to play, these are a time limit and a loss limit.

Setting a loss limit and deciding how much you are willing to lose before you even begin, will stop you from losing more money than you had originally planned. So don’t be fooled into thinking that your next big win is only one spin away, be sure to stick to your loss limit!

It’s difficult to keep track of time when gambling, particularly in a casino. So it’s just as important to set a time limit and stick to it. Try to limit your gambling sessions to no more than 2 hours, as after this you can start to become fatigued and make silly decisions that you wouldn’t usually make. It’s best to have a half an hour break, every couple of hours, and venture outside of the casino for some fresh air.

Winners Walk Away

If I haven’t made it clear enough already, you absolutely cannot guarantee when a slot machine will pay out. So you need to take control of the situation by walking away when they do!

Many gamblers will choose to keep playing after winning a slot machine jackpot, slowly giving their hard earned profit back to the casino. You set a loss limit before playing, that should not increase just because you’ve won some money. If you are lucky enough to double your purse, walk away! You can always come back later and play another session!

Even if you don’t manage to double your money, if you’ve followed these basic strategies you should still be walking away with something, which is always better than nothing! Ultimately, you cannot beat any casino game as they are designed to provide constant revenue for their owners. It’s important to gamble responsibly and know when to stop.

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