Casino Junkets FAQ

What is a Casino Junket?
'Junkets' are trips offered to VIP Casino customers for travel to and play at a particular casino. Depending on the player, the hosting casino will pay some or all of the VIP players travel and accommodation costs in exchange for undertaking to play at the casino during the players stay.

How much do I need to deposit?
Our casino junkets start at a very reasonable minimum deposit level of approx. £3300 ($4000) and vary depending on which casino we will be visiting. Required deposit levels and further information will be listed on the Upcoming Junkets page.

How much and how long do I need to play?
Every casino we represent has different rules and table limits, but in general, the casinos request that all players play a minimum of 4 hours per day in order to qualify, and at the stipulated minimum stake levels. Specific rules will be listed on each casino junket we advertise. Usually, when a casino stipulates 4 hours per day, players can carry over the hours to following days. e.g. A player can play six hours on the first day, four hours on the second day and two hours on the third day. Our casino junkets usually extend to three nights at our chosen destination, but this may vary.

What happens if I lose my deposit before I play the stipulated number of hours?
We hope this does not happen but if you lose your money too quickly you would have qualified for the trip and all expenses will be paid, and no further play is required. However, if you choose to make further buy-ins then all minimum bet rules are 'out of the window' - you can play as much or as little as you choose (within table limits).

What happens if I do not play to the required minimum play levels?
You will usually get gentle reminders from the casino management through the junket representative (myself) to either play more, or if you choose, to pay for the trip. This is not a common complaint from the casinos as the players know all the requirements before they book the trip. The likely result of a player 'not playing' is that they would probably not be invited on future casino junkets.

Do I only get 'comped' if I lose?
No, if a player wins then the money is all theirs, and they get a free trip. The casinos only ask that the customers give them a fair chance at trying to win their money. If the player wins then that's fine.

Where do we travel to?
Our main destinations at present are to Troia, in Portugal, & Montenegro. However, we intend to add to the choice as we get busier and the clients get more adventurous. In the past we have run junkets to Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Russia and St.Vincent. Possible future destinations may include Georgia, but air fares may be payable for long-distance trips. Details will be posted when we know more details.

Winnings are usually paid out in the currency that you bought in for (usually Pounds Sterling). However, if the casino is running short on Sterling they may have to pay excess winnings in either Euros or US Dollars.

Why come on a junket?
The majority of our players are UK-based and as we all know 'comps' are rare in the UK except for free meals and drinks etc. To attract business that they would otherwise probably not get, many foreign casinos now offer junket packages to attract the decent players. If you had a choice of a free dinner at your local UK casino or a free 3-day, all expenses trip to almost anywhere in Europe, what would you choose? If the players are going to gamble anyway why not take the free trip that goes with it?

See more details of our upcoming junkets here.

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