Upcoming Junkets

This page is for upcoming Junkets operated by Casino Tours Abroad Ltd.

What we do: Casino Tours Abroad Ltd are independent licensed junket agents working on behalf of several casino operators. We arrange junket groups of like-minded casino players who wish to travel and gamble. Most of our European trips are FREE to qualifying players (the casino is paying) and this includes air fares, hotel accommodations, food and drinks etc.

Upcoming Junkets: Due to Covid-19 all trips are currently SUSPENDED. However, when we are able to travel again destinations may include the following:

Montenegro - Maestral Casino - next departure (Date TBA) - €5000  Deposit

Czech Republic - next departure (Date TBA) - €4500 Deposit    

Malta - The Oracle Casino - next departure (Date TBA) - €5000  Deposit Required

                   For full conditions for the above casino junkets please click here

Please note that playing conditions at other venues may require larger deposits and higher betting requirements. Our average trip may require a 4000-5000 Euro playing deposit, with 100 Euro minimum per spin on Roulette etc.

                                     'Advantage Players' are not welcome.

If any players are interested in joining us on our casino junkets please send us a brief message on our Contact Us page, or email info@casinota.com and we will get back to you. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to us.