Circus Circus in Las Vegas C-E

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Circus Circus

2880 Las Vegas Boulevard South,
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109-1120,
United States

Phone: (702) 734-0410

2880 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109-1120, United States

About the Casino

Like just about every other hotel in Vegas, this 70’s institution has received facelifts over the years that have made it lighter, brighter, and more upscale. Gone (for the most part) are the garish big-top colors replaced by whites, golds, and earthtones with a European Harlequin feeling.

What is coming next will be interesting to see. After decades as a part of the MGM family of resorts, Circus has been sold to Phil Ruffin, the guy that also owns Treasure Island. He had not said what he’ll be doing to the place yet, but expect a raft of changes to the rooms, the casino, the restaurants, and more when he officially takes the reins in 2020.

The big top itself will definitely stay, covering the main casino area and featuring continuous circus acts (trapeze artists, high wire, etc.) for most of the day and night. The giant midway/arcade is also still functioning allowing kids an opportunity to gamble legally with stuffed animals as the jackpots.

The property itself is sprawling, with very long walks, trams, or even shuttle buses carrying you to the extreme reaches.

Rooms are in three towers (Skyrise, West Tower, and Casino Tower) and a collection of low-rise motel-style buildings. Although the decor varies slightly they are all pretty much the same – a bed or two, a chair or two, a TV, and a small bathroom. They are as motel basic as you can get except for the Manor rooms, which are even more basic if that’s possible. If they want anything more than $50 a night for the latter, go elsewhere.

In other words this is not a place you stay if you are planning on spending a lot of time relaxing in your room. This is the place you stay so you can save a ton of money on room rates and then stay up all night blowing whatever saved in other ways.

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