Wynn Las Vegas in Las Vegas U-Z

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Wynn Las Vegas

3131 Las Vegas Boulevard South,
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109,
United States

Phone: (702) 770-7000
Website: wynnlasvegas.com

3131 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109, United States

About the Casino

Steve Wynn spent more than $2.7 billion over the course of five years to acquire the former Desert Inn, tear it down, and build a sparkly new mega-resort in its place, he missed no opportunity to trumpet what he was doing, using phrases and terms that tried to get us all to believe that Wynn Las Vegas would be unlike any other hotel in Vegas - unlike any other hotel in the world. If Mr. Wynn was to be believed, it would revolutionize the way we thought of a Las Vegas resort, a masterpiece of form and function that would change everything.

How does something live up to that kind of hype? Quite frankly, it couldn't. In many ways I wish they had just shut up about the whole thing because once you stripped away the carnival barker PR and what you were left with was a beautiful hotel.

Now that the hotel has had a chance to settle into its groove and mature as both a property and experience, almost all of the pre-opening hoopla has been forgotten and what you have here is a true luxury resort, one of the best in the city. Revolutionary? Not really. Great? Absolutely.

The building itself is a bit bland at first glance, a curving bronze tower that arcs up to dominate the skyline around it. But I think there's something to be said for understated and since it's the one and only time they went in that direction, perhaps that's a bonus.

Inside, the comparisons to Wynn's previous hotel Bellagio are long. The color scheme is different - bold reds and deep chocolate browns here - but the shopping esplanade, the casino appointments, the restaurants, the show, and even the font type on the signs is all so remarkably similar to Bellagio that you start to wonder when that revolution is going to start.

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